Anybody out there want to see dolphins?

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The Kona coast is home to numerous pods of dolphins.   Boaters may see Spinner, Pacific Bottlenose or Spotted Dolphins during a day on the water.   South Kona offers some unique opportunities to watch and swim near dolphins.  There are several locations in the area where dolphins are known to hang out from time to time.

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One of the popular activities to do in Kona is kayaking in Kealakekua Bay.  K' Bay is home to the Captain Cook Monument, located near where he met his demise.  The area directly in front of the monument is quite possibly the nicest spot in Hawaii for snorkeling.  The monument is across the bay from any automobile access and is only accessible by boat, kayak or a 3 mile hike for those which don't mind the strenuous uphill hike back.  Kayaking is a pleasant and relatively easy way to reach this spot.  During the mile long paddle across the bay people are often lucky enough to cross paths with some of the many spinner dolphins which visit the bay to rest and play.

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One thing to remember... dolphins are protected.  Don't chase, harass or approach the dolphins.  If you mind your own business the dolphins will often approach while you kayak across the bay.  When you see them coming towards you, stop, maybe you'll be lucky and get a visit.
Other locally well known spots where dolphins are known to hang out are the bay at the Place of Refuge and the bay off Ho'okena beach.   Note: We do not lead dolphin swims, but many people do it on their own.  There is somewhat of a grey area, as far as the marine mammal protection act, as to whether swimming with or near them is legal.  The enforcing powers had a big meeting in town a couple of years back and basically asked all operators who were leading swims to stop, they didn't want it to be a commercial activity or something to that effect.

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