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When I first started putting this web page together, being minimally computer literate, I didn't really know what FAQ stood for.  I was frustrated trying to figure out a way to convey a lot of info on the pages without being too boring....it was then that this whole FAQ idea made some sense.....I can put most of the really boring stuff on the same page!!!  So here it is.  On these pages I'll be spouting off general useless information such as favorite eateries, beaches, things to do and a bit of info about the biz and diving in general.

p.s.- I'll be adding more questions over time- this website is my 1st attempt at web building, and it isn't done yet.

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A photo Pat took on my very first shore dive in Hawaii.

Just who the heck are you?

  My name is Steve.  I owned an aquarium shop for several years and always thought, "you know, a scuba business would compliment this nicely".  Well, some time after I quit the aquarium business I took up scuba and loved it.  Somehow I ended up an instructor and landed in Kona.  I no longer have the urge to keep large quantities of fish...I am lucky enough to be able to swim in one of the  largest aquariums in the world pretty much anytime I wish.  Kona is loaded with the fish I used to keep and it is great to see them in their natural habitat.  Anyway, back to my background/philosophy.  I've been teaching scuba in Kona for a few years now .  It is my desire to continue my scuba education, so don't be surprised if my class offerings expand over time.  I also like to have a bit of fun.  My classes will be laid back, but thorough- why cut corners if you can take a little extra time to do it right? 

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Hey, it's your vacation. Enjoy!

Why Kona?

My wife Pat and I first came here together on vacation a few years back.  We fell in love with it.  Kona is beautiful, the people are great and  the island of Hawaii has so many different things to offer.  The weather is great, the diving ain't bad (now there's an understatement), it has a rural feel and still has the more urban amenities.  "It's a great place to visit, but I WOULD want to live there!"  So, we ended up here.  Now that we're here and semi-local, we'd like to invite you to visit Kona and see what it's all about.

magnificent snake eel (myrichthys magnificus)

Your Open Water Certification class- Why do you offer  additional discounted days of diving?


  You learn to dive best by DIVING.  Most people are diving soooo much better by the end of their first dive compared to their first few minutes.  This improvement is noticeable on each and every dive.  There are 4 dives required for certification and many people are just getting the hang of things around then.  By doing extra diving, not only will you be a better diver, but you will get a chance to have fun diving without having to complete skills and  you will also see more dive sites and conditions than I can show you on 4 dives.  Any extra diving you'd like to do with us on your vacation once you are certified will be at our multi-day discount price.


Scuba Fitness?

You don't have to be an athlete to dive.  You should be in reasonable condition, be able to walk that 12 minute mile with ease.  Most agencies require a swim of 200 yards (no time limit, just need to use a recognizable stroke) or 300 yard snorkel and a 10 minute tread water as physical requirements for certification, so be prepared to do those to become certified.

All agencies will have a medical history form to fill out when you sign up for classes.  If you have a medical history (any number of conditions) you'll want to request a form ahead of time to sign off on.  It'll be a yes or no listing, and if you have a history of any of the conditions listed you'll need to have your doctor sign off that he see no prudent reason you shouldn't be allowed to dive (sounds worse than it is, most doctors will sign off on most of the conditions.  Your average scuba professional doesn't have the medical expertise to make that kind of judgement).

Once you are certified, it's a very good idea to try to stay in shape.  It can be a bit of surprise how a long layoff can make things a bit more difficult than you remembered it being.

My Friend is a Diver.  Can he show me how to dive?

This is not a good idea.  The average diver has not learned how to teach someone else to dive.  The omission of any information could be critical.  Even Dive Masters are not allowed by their agencies or insurers to train uncertified (and in most cases even certified) divers, though they are allowed to assist Instructors in training under  instructor supervision in many cases.  Scuba Instructors have gone through the training and possess the appropriate training materials to insure proper and safe training for those wishing to dive.

I'm a bit nervous about trying diving, is there anything I can do ahead of time to help me out?

Get in the water.  Spend some time in the pool.  Definitely do some snorkeling if you have the chance.  A day or two of snorkeling just before an intro dive or class can make a big difference in people's confidence level.  This can make things much easier if it has been some time since you've spent considerable time in the water, even for those who "used to swim like a fish".

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