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 Join Wanna Dive on a magical tour of the reef  after the sun goes down.  Imagine gliding over a reef teeming with life unlike that seen during the daytime.  At night in Kona you are likely to see things you won't see during the day- Octopus, Eels and Turkeyfish hunting for food; Phosphorescent Plankton spraying like sparks off your fins; Nudibranchs and Medusa Worms crawling the reef; Lobsters and Shrimps coming out of the coral- You'll be amazed at the thousands of tiny glowing little eyes peering at you.  Not to mention, a new set of fish.

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Never done a night dive before?  We'll be happy to introduce you to the amazing world which comes alive after sundown.

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This dive is for certified divers only, advanced certification is not necessary.  If you are comfortable with your daytime diving skills and would like to try a night dive, let us know. We will cover the skills necessary and have you diving after dark in no time.  It is a totally different experience than day diving, which many people find to be a most amazing experience.  This dive can count towards one of your Advanced Open Water Certification dives if you wish, just let us know.


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